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Gearin’ up for this weekend of shows…
By admin on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 07:57 PM

Makin’ all the last minute preparations for our trip this weekend. We leave Thursday night to make half the trip to Vegas under cover of darkness and to give our air conditioners a rest!! And we won’t be too tired from the 10 hour drive if it’s split into two days….Excited to play my buddy, Keri Kelli’s (Alice Cooper guitarist) new rock club/gourmet beer bar, ACES & ALES, on Friday. A bit off the Vegas strip next to the legendary hotel/casino Sam’s Town (a big thrill for us fans of The Killers–”Can you read my mind?”). Looks great online and they’ve got like a million beers from countries most of us have never heard of with very high alcohol content. I think we’ll be content there…Another cool thing about this gig is that it’s totally free, which helps ‘cuz you can spend your money on beer from Slovenia (and our T-shirts) instead! I know we will. And then from Vegas it’s on to Hollywood to get my lips done–no wait, we’ve got a gig at the Cat Club on Saturday. (My collagen appointment is for Sunday morning. Gonna get those huge, lush, Angelina Jolie lips!! Watch out Mick Jagger!!) Yeah, we’re at the infamous Cat Club on Sunset Blvd Sat night and we play around 10:30 or so. Very cool tiny club and we can’t wait to play there ‘cuz it’s been quite a while since our last SoCal excursion. They run a special racket there where you can print out our flier for the gig (or their flier at and bring it to the door for special $5 admission. Also you can email us at,, or and we’ll put you on our very own list which will get you the $5 discounted admission price. It only takes a sec and saves you a buck, so I’d say go for it. Then it’s back home to work on some new song ideas before our next run of gigs in early November, which you can see on our Tour page. We’ll also be posting some Oscar-worthy footage of our big show with Buckcherry last weekend in Kansas City, so keep an eye out!! If any of you live near the gigs this weekend, bring a friend and come on down to rock out with us. Say hi, grab a drink, grab a bartender, get kicked out, put on a disguise and sneak back in, grab an old alcoholic at the bar wondering why the music’s so loud, have him buy you a drink, etc. Hope to see you this weekend! ~DR

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