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Archive for March, 2011

Posted by admin
Monday, March 14th, 2011 12:48 AM

Don’t you love how playing with an iPad at the Apple store makes you really want to make use of all the shit on there that nobody actually uses? Like, “Yeah, I totally should do more Power Point presentations! I totally NEED an iPad!!” Anything to walk out of the store with one of those extra cool ass boxes under your arm. “Of course I’ll use the video editing software!! I’ve always wanted to get into film!!” For those beautiful 10 minutes in the store, you are absolutely resolute in your intention to make full use of every app on the fucking thing and 100% sure that you cannot POSSIBLY survive another DAY without one. “Exactly!! I NEED a world class text editing program so I can work on my manuscript while I’m waiting for the bus!! How could I get anything done WITHOUT a new iPad?!” Ah, it’s a wonderful feeling. I want to go to there. Course, if I actually bought an iPad, chances are I’d pretty much just use it to check my email and read Blabbermouth and the New York fucking Times. But it would all look so goddamned crisp!! Oh yeah, I still want one…

But I digress. You didn’t come to to read about my iPad obsession. You came to read about Charlie Sheen!! Oh wait, no, you probably came to read about what’s new with our little band. Okay, well, apparently we’ve got tiger’s blood and we’re winners. Pretty much sums it up. Also I’m goin’ down to Fresno this week to record vocals on a few new songs (my favorite of which is a track called “Afterlife” that is pretty monstrous, but very melodic and pretty). Finally laid down a version of lots of your guys’ favorite song to request at shows, “Termite Mansion”, although it may be getting a serious vocal overhaul before it sees the light of day. The instrumental tracks are crushing, though. It’s an old one I wrote in a band years ago and we’ve played it forever, so we’ve never really been that excited to focus on it in the studio–we’d always prefer to concentrate on new songs and moving forward, not backward. But after years of people asking for it live and asking for recorded versions of it, we decided to acquiesce. It is a pretty rockin’ jam, after all. But we laid down instrumental tracks to 6 songs at our last recording session, so I won’t know which tunes I’m gonna sing this week till I get in the studio. I usually go by what feels good to sing at the moment so it’s really anybody’s guess. Hopefully you guys’ll dig it, though. How are we doing on the three new tracks released so far? You likin’ ‘em? Which one is your favorite? I go back and forth on which is the best one. Hit us up on FB and let us know what your opinion of the new songs is: The Key, Own The Night, and Yours To Hold.

Other than that I’m on the usual endless quest to book us more gigs and tours. Workin’ on going back to the same cities as the “Skin of Our Teeth Tour” in late May. I know I said late April a buncha times, but that turned out to be wishful thinking as I forgot the concept of other bands and clubs booking said other bands many months in advance. But we have a crack at getting dates for late May, so keep your eyes peeled. And we’ll probably do another local Bay Area gig in May or June as well. We shall see.

And although I do not have my celebrated iPad just yet, I will trudge through and use the video editing software on my Mac to make some hoopty cuts and pastes and hopefully end up with a mini-documentary on the last Midwest tour in February. Look for that to be posted soon.

And, as always, thank you all so much for your continued support of our rocking endeavours. –DR

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