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Starbucks listening pleasure…
By admin on Friday, June 10th, 2011 12:06 AM

I’m currently stuck (happily–I like airports) in Salt Lake City Int’l Airport at the Starbucks waiting for a flight to New Orleans for some gigs this weekend with my Sacramento friends. I love the music they play at Starbucks, about 90% of the time, which is a pretty good average. I’m going back and forth between my iPod with the Instant Karma: Amnesty International benefit record and the system in the store. Similar stuff on both. Snow Patrol’s version of “Isolation” is particularly good. Just switched to Paul McCartney right now. Gotta keep up with all the cool articles in Rolling Stone–I pretty much wanna listen to every artist in every story as I go, kind of a literary shuffle. Oh, damn–I bet that’ll be an iPad feature pretty soon (if it’s not already): reading an article on your iPad and automatically hearing music associated with its subject. That would be a hella cool feature that I’d definitely use. Wow, this is a fascinating blog, isn’t it?? See what hours and hours in an airport can do to you? Another random thought–I just saw U2 in Oakland on Tuesday. It was the best show I’ve ever seen. By anyone. Ever. Very nice to experience that this late in life, which sounds funny ‘cuz I’m not exactly that “late in life” just yet, but as far as concert experiences go, I feel you kind of max out sometime in the few years after high school. After that point you’ve seen so many shows that they kinda start to lose their effect, even though you still enjoy them. That’s why I think most people look back on shows they’ve seen in their youth as the best they’ve ever seen–their show enjoyment threshold has been reached and it’s very difficult to get that same rush from a great show anymore. Don’t get me wrong–I still love going to shows and I appreciate them a ton and I’m sure you do too. But it’s very rare that I get that feeling during a concert like I did when I was 19 and it was all still relatively new. Add in the fact that I’m lucky enough to play shows for a living and it’s doubly difficult to impress me–which U2 did on Tuesday in Oakland. In spades. If you can, go see ‘em. The production was amazing of course (you’ve no doubt read about it and seen the killer photos of the stage setup), but they coulda been playing in a fucking basement through one amp at the same time and it wouldn’t have made a difference to me. It was the magic of the songs and the band that was so transcendent. AND…Lenny Kravitz supported was unreal as well! His set was outta control. Soooo good. Started out with a 7 minute jam and did another 3 or 4 extended versions throughout his set which shows just how much fucking balls the guys got. To go out in front of a stadium full of people without a new album (yet anyway–it’s coming in the fall) and not feel like you have to play a greatest hits, all killer/no filler set to win over the audience–amazing. So classy and defiant. AND…it worked. Totally. The whole stadium went along for the ride with him and ate up every minute, extended saxophone solos and funk jams included. And by the way, that guy does have a shitload of hits too. I listen to him pretty regularly, but sometimes you forget how many smash hits he’s got. Sick. Anyways, that’s just where my head’s at checkin’ in from SLC…-DR

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