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Press for new "Carry Me Home" EP:


"Guitarist/singer Dave Rude had a career of his own prior to being discovered by Tesla on MySpace to replace Tommy Skeoch three years ago.  Completed by bassist Marco Guzman and drummer Josh Schmidt, this three-piece offers a modern-sounding style of hard rock that's not only distinctly hummable but offers indie crossover potential.  Rude has described the DRB's style as "Shinedown drinking with Buckcherry at a Kings Of Leon afterparty", and he's not far off the mark.  Instead of trying to prove his credetntials as a guitarist, 31-year-old Rude goes with the good-time flow, marrying power-chords with choruses that make the listener want to punch the air.  Honorary mentions go to "Fallin' Down", "Come Right In", and the extremely memorable ballad, "Dumb".  Slightly annoyingly, though, Carry Me Home's seven songs last for a mere 25 minutes.  A far more satisfying full-length debut would also add the half-dozen more that featured on a self-titled mini-album back in '07.  7 out of 10 stars."--Dave Ling, Classic Rock Magazine


"Do you know what rock and roll sounds like?  I do; and it sounds like the Dave Rude Band.  'Carry Me Home' is just a great rock record."--Jaeger, DJ on 107.7 FM The Bone--SF Bay Area's major rock radio station




Press for '07 debut EP:


"Now firmly ensconced as a member of Tesla, guitarist/singer Dave Rude's three-piece has been a fixture of the San Franciscan circuit for three years.  Sturdy, retro-themed riffs underpin Rude's accomplished singing and an intuitive infusion of melody is what sells "Burnin' Bright" and "Hail To The Chief" so emphatically.  7 out of 10 stars."--Dave Ling, Classic Rock Magazine, Oct. '08


"...across these six songs, the reliably tight trio's sound more closely resembles a melodic, modernized mix of Buckcherry and Alice in Chains."--Nate Seltenrich, East Bay Express


The overall sound of the Dave Rude Band is one that is immediately familiar.  Not retro!  This isn't a calculated attempt to rip-off the past but instead a result of mixing up a big ol' vat of classic rock influences and adding a modern twist.  If you need an old school comparison think Cheap Trick on steroids."--One Angry Swede, FatCat Radio Network/, Jan. '08

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